Why Venator Ventures?

Companies begin with an idea, but are fueled by people.

Since 2001 Venator Ventures has been working with some of the countries top companies to help them hire and find the best people.

People are the heart blood of any company. Using our network and years of experience Venator Ventures we make sure companies not only grow, but that they thrive and grow.

By working along side our clients we are able to successfully assist companies find and hire the right people.


Our Process

Venator Ventures uses an industry-leading recruiting model that offers greater coverage and access to our clients and the candidates we work with.

The team at Venator coordinates all activities as a group beginning with the client research and pre-search processes. Detailed analyses on the market and the role offer both the client and potential candidates the clarity and precision as the search begins.

As the search process proceeds continued coordination and consistent feedback with the client ensures targetted search completion.

Whether we're performing an executive or contingent search Venator Ventures delivers high quality results for our clients.

Our Expertise

Venator Ventures uses our team's combined decades of experience and industry knowledge to offer our clients access to the best talent in their respective industry.

Over the years Venator has worked with some of the world's leading innovators and we seek to lend our experience and network to clients as they seek to become the "next great innovator."

Some of the areas of expertise Venator Ventures consistently succeeds within include enterprise software, consumer internet, digital content, security, social media, gaming, clean technology, education, finance, telecommunications and many others.

In all, Venator Ventures delivers the best talent for the above domains in sales, marketing, engineering, finance, operations and executive leadership roles.

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