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Being a "Venator" was an honor in ancient times. To be one meant the person was a hunter with the supreme gifts of accuracy, determination and skill.

Venator Ventures' services include the ability use the ancient and respected skills of the hunter in order to deliver the top talent for their clients.

Venator delivers top flight search strategies for both executive and contingency searches.

Executive Search

The world of executive recruiting is a complex one. Whether your a start-up looking for the first executive to help you grow or an established company looking to fill an empty executive role, the path to finding the right person takes a number of turns that are often overwhelming for the company.

Using our unreplicated process Venator Ventures makes the exciting process of finding the future leaders of your company an easy and fulfilling one.

Contingency Search

Hiring people for engineering, marketing, sales or operations roles is a specialty for Venator Ventures.

No matter your size of company or specific domain Venator Ventures has the abilities to meet your needs.

Our team of experienced recruiters has worked with stealth mode and puclicly traded companies we know the challenges that each size of company presents.

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