Our Process

"Venator delivers results, not just paperwork or reports."

For years Venator Ventures has provided the best talent for our clients.

The Venator recruiting process is unique and unreplicated. Our process helps us understand our clients needs and then work to exceed those needs.

The Venator Ventures process uses a simple and detailed plan to ensures the results our clients expect

The Venator Ventures Process

1) Pre-Search

Our work at Venator Ventures is to represent our partner companies' needs and expectations throughout the search process. We best achieve this by getting to know what makes the companies we work with operate and succeed. We view ourselves as part of the companies we work with.

In order to do this, we need to get to know the people in the company and spend time getting to know the priorities of the company and its employees. By meeting with the executive team, investors and employees, we gain an insight into the core identity of each of our partners.

We also work during this period of the process to define the role, set search goals and objectives and to develop a measurable plan that will help us and our partners monitor and manage the process.

2) Search

Once the pre-search plans are in place, it's time for the rubber to hit the road. Our talented sourcing team and staff will begin their efforts to find the top talent, whether the people are in our existing network or if we need to work to leave no stone unturned to find the right person.

Our intake and reference check processes ensure that all candidates are screened thoroughly before we present them to our partners

Once candidates are screened we manage the presentation, interview, reference and offer stages in conjunction with the partners

Consistent meetings and communication ensure our partners are updated and feedback is being exchanged during the search process.

A successful search process will conclude with the hiring of the absolute right person for the job.

3) Post-Search

After the hire of the candidate we finalize the search process by debriefing the people involved in the search process.

These conversations along with our observations are catalogued and submitted to our partner in the post-search report. This report provides the partner a in depth look at their hiring processes as well as suggestions on how to help the process improve in the future.

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