Executive Search Partners

  • CK12: Head of Engineering
  • Magnet Systems: CMO & Chief Architect
  • Cordys: VP of Sales
  • M-Factor (DemandTec): VP of Engineering
  • Raptr: VP of Marketing
  • Reziliant Networks: Head of Engineering
  • Playphone: VP of Engineering
  • Exigen Services/Hollard Insurance: General Manager of Exiliti Joint Venture
  • Many others...

Being a Venator Partner

Working with Venator Ventures creates a partnership like no other. At Venator, we don't have clients, we have partners.

Each partner has a special set of needs and requirements for each search we perform.

We respect the goals and plans of each of our partners because we know how important hiring the right people is for them to achieve those respective goals and plans.

Contingency Search Partners

  • Klout: Engineering
  • Kabam: Engineering
  • CK12: Engineering, Marketing
  • StumbleUpon: Engineering
  • eLance: Engineering, Marketing
  • Proofpoint: Sales, Marketing & Engineering
  • Omniture (Adobe): Sales, Marketing & Engineering
  • Pentaho: Engineering
  • Kaltura: Sales & Engineering
  • Magnet Systems: Marketing & Engineering
  • SkyFire: Engineering
  • Akamai: Engineering
  • RockYou: Marketing & Engineering
  • Playdom: Marketing & Engineering
  • Many others...