by Ethan on January 31st, 2012

Whether you're desperate for work or you just want to consider a job change, working with a headhunter may be the way to go.
A headhunter is someone paid by a company to source candidates -- in other words, a recruiter. Typically, people think that headhunters are only used for executive-level and upper-management roles, but that's not always the case, says Brady Banks, Sr. Principle Recruiter at Venator Ventures. “Even if you are mid-level or even entry-level, you should still get your resume to several headhunters because you never know," he notes.
Using a headhunter lets you cut in line, so to say, to get directly in front of a hiring manager. "If I tell a hiring manager they have to see a candidate of mine, they will schedule an interview, Medeiros says "There's a level of trust there with many of my clients. They know if I say someone is good, they are good.
We at Venator Ventures take pride in building relationships with our hiring managers and our candidates. We are different than most recruiting firms, in that – “We care”! We will take the time to find your needs as a candidate and as a hiring manager. To make sure that you as a manager will find the perfect candidate and you as a candidate will find your dream job.
Whether you approach a headhunter or one comes to you, there are certainly advantages to using one. Whenever you are approached by a headhunter take the time to talk. They might have the perfect candidate or dream job for the job seeker. We look forward to speaking with you.

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