I'm a Coder now. Right?
by Brady on January 16th, 2012

I grew up on a farm with a Dad who comes from the baling wire and duct tape school of repair. When our cars broke down he fixed them. When the baler wouldn’t bale, he fixed it. When I pulled the handrail out of the wall playing Superman, he fixed it. He had no formal training to learn how to do all this. What he had was a need and willingness to jump in and try to make things work. He works for a manufacturing company right here in America. That’s right, a place where they still make things out of steel. We don’t do too much of that here anymore. What we do make here is sweet software and fun, useful, entertaining apps. The thing is, we could be making so much more than we are. That’s why I want to learn to code.

About once a week here at Venator one of us says something like “What if there was an app that could. . .” and then we fill in the blank with a million dollar idea. Then we all look longingly out the window until someone says “Too bad none of us knows how to code.” We even had one idea that got us follow up meetings with a VC. In the end they wanted to see some type of prototype before moving forward. As Dr. Ray Stantz said in Ghostbusters, “I’ve worked in the private sector, they expect results.” That’s why I want to learn javascript.

I know everyone is saying this, Michael Bloomberg being the latest. But I say this is a sentiment that is long overdue in America. Most of the conversations I’ve had with engineering hiring managers this year have ended with them saying something like, “By the way, if you see any really good javascript developers, send them over.” If you’re one of those people and you want 8 job offers by the end of the month, send your resume over. (I’m serious: So, I’ve started the lessons at Codecademy. I understand that there are limitations with codecademy and that most that start the lessons will not become developers. We're not the people my hiring managers are looking for. I understand all that and I don’t care. I’m a farmer with a broken tractor. I have ideas I need to develop. That’s why I’m going to learn to code. I’ll be tweeting updates @venatorbrady. Feel free to follow and mock me mercilessly if I fall behind.

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